Introducing ...
IngenID One™

Voice biometrics solutions made easy, thanks to our comprehensive and highly flexible SaaS platform.

  • Core Technology.  Highly advanced DNN engines are accurate and robust to channel and noise. And, we have every function you need.

  • GUI Administration.  Our Dashboard application allows us to fully configure every aspect of your deployment, manage integrations with other platforms, provide reporting, audit, and alerts, and more.

  • Highly Secure Data.  Our 100% anonymous data model, multiple layers of encryption, variable retention policies, and numerous physical and logical safeguards keep Personal Data private.

Core Platform

IngenID One™ Value

Highly Configurable

Fully graphical administration allows for easy control of every aspect of your applications and voice biometric functions.

Easy Provisioning

You'll have full control over application end users, as well as role-based security and controls for internal support staff.

Intelligent APIs

RESTful, VoiceXML, and Streaming Media APIs help to intelligently orchestrate all voice biometric requests.

Scalable Database

Your data is stored in our secure, encrypted database. We're scalable and reliable too, handling millions of requests every month.


Includes standard reports and graphs, powerful ad-hoc analysis tools, full logging of all service requests, and audit functions.


Our highly service-oriented team will fully support you from concept to development to deployment and beyond.

Core Platform

IngenID One™ Dashboard

The control center for your deployments


Easy to manage

A complete SaaS platform with a graphical interface, database, web server, intelligent APIs, and highly advanced voice biometric algorithms.



Integrate with your favorite platforms

No need to develop. Quickly and easily add inbound and outbound calling, cloud storage, automatic speech recognition engines, and more!



Graphs, reports, and powerful ad-hoc tools

Gain insights into user community behavior, troubleshoot, and more. Complete API and service logging, and security auditing too.

Core Platform

IngenID One™ Feature Listing

Core Technology

Multiple, state-of-the-art deep neural network (DNN) engines provide you with fast and accurate results. New functions added continually.

  • Enroll, re-enroll, verify, identify, etc.
  • Numbers or phrases (any language)
  • Conversational speech (any language)
  • Speech classifiers (gender, channel, etc.)
  • Noise robustness
  • Channel normalization
  • Audio quality assessment
  • Much more ...

Service Platform

At the heart of our offerings is a SaaS platform that is scalable, reliable, and secure. Numerous options for horizontal and vertical expansion.

  • Fully Graphical Administration
  • Flexible App and User Provisioning
  • Built-in IVR dialogs
  • Graphs, Reports, and Ad-Hoc
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Full Logging and Alerts
  • Interactive Demos and APIs
  • Numerous 3rd party plug-Ins

Privacy and Security

Fundamental to the design of our platform is the maintenance and security of our customer's end-user data.

  • 100% Anonymous Data Model
  • Voiceprints and audio dual-encrypted
  • Built-in consent management
  • Built-in GDPR user rights management
  • Variable data retention policies
  • Role-based security policies
  • Physical and logical security layers
  • NO data is ever shared with 3rd parties

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Per Month Trial
  • Free for 60 Days
  • Hosted in our datacenter
  • All features and functions
  • Includes developer support
  • IngenID will prove our value!

Core Platform

IngenID One™ Pricing

with very clear and reasonable terms
Subscription Plans

Pay a monthly subscription fee which includes pre-paid transactions. Numerous volume-based tiers available. No limits to number of users or usage.

Hybrid Plans

Pay a fixed fee for an IngenID One™ service bundle each month. Provides for unlimited users and usage. Only available for premise and private deployments.

Custom Plans

For customer scenarios where Subscription or Hybrid plans don't work well, we can work together to develop custom pricing models.

No Lock-In

We feature reasonable pricing and reasonable terms; no long-term contract commitments are required!

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