Data Security

IngenID takes many precautions when it comes to the handling and storage of our clients' Personal Data.

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    Minimal Data

    100% anonymous system, we use only what is necessary

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    Whether in transit or at rest, your data is always encrypted

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    Physical and Logical Security

    Multiple layers of hardware and software security

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    24x365 monitoring, sophisticated fraud detection, and more

Data Privacy and Security

Protecting Data and Assuring Privacy

IngenID built its platform from the ground up with data security and the protection of personal data as our most critical goals. We employ a number of design techniques, policies, and procedures to protect you.

Data Minimization

We only collect the minimum necessary data from our clients in order to perform voice biometric functions. And what we collect is purged as soon as possible after use.

  • Speech samples are only Personal Data allowed
  • No names, emails, addresses, etc.
  • No credit card numbers or other sensitive data
  • Transaction data purged every 60 days
  • Variable data retention for voiceprints

Data Encryption

Clients accessing the IngenID One™ Platform will have data encrypted in transit and at rest. No one will have access to your end user speech samples or voiceprints.

  • Only HTTPS traffic allowed with TLS 1.2
  • Voiceprints 256-bit AES encrypted (FIPS 140-2 compliant)
  • Source audio samples dual-AES encrypted
  • All database records encrypted
  • No data sold to 3rd parties or shared, ever

Logical Security

Whether using the IngenID One™ Platform on premise or from our U.S. datacenters, we take a number of software and server-level precautions to secure your data.

  • Software firewalls fully enabled
  • Security tokens for API access
  • SSL certificates for all servers
  • Client-level data segmentation

Network Security

Within our U.S. datacenters, customers using the hosted IngenID One™ Platform further benefit from additional security layers managed by our datacenter operations team.

  • Hardware-based firewalls
  • 3rd party intrusion detection
  • Active DDoS protection
  • VPN with certificates for staff access

“ There is nothing more important than protecting the data of our clients and assuring the privacy of their end users. We allocate significant amounts of resources to do things right. ”

Peter Soufleris
Founder of IngenID