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Our Voice Biometrics Solutions Address Many Business Needs

  • Identity Assurance & Protection. Knowing your customer (KYC) and protecting customer account data is the #1 use of our technology.

  • Cost Reduction Initiatives. Fast ROI from IVR and call center deployments is common with our platform.

  • Strengthen Enterprise Security. We secure remote login access to corporate computing facilities with VPN and mobile app tools.

  • Fraud Detection. We detect duplicate registrations, account take-overs, synthetic speech, and other fraudulent uses.

  • Regulatory Compliance. We'll help you achieve compliance in multiple industries, while protecting your users' Private Data.

  • Increase Customer Confidence. We're a strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) component, leading to increased customer confidence.

Our Unique Platform

The IngenID One™ Platform is the robust and flexible foundation for our solutions.

Having a fast and accurate biometric engine is not enough. Having a flexible, reliable, scalable, and full-featured SaaS platform is equally important. The IngenID One™ Platform is a complete offering.

  • Core Technology. We have the latest DNN technology, with fast and accurate versions of ALL voice biometric functions.

  • Easy Administration. Full GUI setup and deployment controls and smart orchestration functions.

  • Reporting. Real-time reporting, monitoring, and alerting. Plus, full logging and audit trails for all operations.

  • Plug-Ins. In minutes you can connect and interoperate with many platforms using our included plug-ins.

  • Multiple Fraudster Databases. Detect account take-overs, duplicate registrations, and other related attacks.

  • Deep Fakes. Our advanced technology can determine if a speech sample is real or synthetic.

  • Data Privacy. We follow GDPR guidance for biometric data, have built-in consent management, and many data protection features.

  • Flexibility. We can deploy IngenID One™ anywhere, and configure it to suit your exact needs.

  • Discover

    Our comprehensive discovery process recognizes that every company is unique, with a unique workflow. We'll take the time to fully understand your needs.

  • Design

    We'll incorporate your specific needs into our designs -- and will work with your team to configure our platform properly, and provide appropriate application guidance.

  • Develop

    Our consultants will help your team to develop robust applications, with intuitive code samples and continual feedback and guidance.

  • Deploy

    We'll monitor your deployment, ensuring a smooth roll-out and will be on hand to support you 24x365 thereafter.

Our Consultative Approach

How We Work with Clients

Our experience and white glove approach sets us apart from the competition. We'll incorporate your specific workflow needs into our implementation plans and will custom configure the IngenID One™ platform accordingly.

How We Compare

IngenID One™ vs. Competitors

When considering large Paas/CPaaS providers like Google, Amazon, and Azure, or many voice biometric software competitors, it's no comparison. The IngenID One™ Platform is simply the best value and most complete offering in the market!


PaaS / CPaaS

Cloud API


SDK or Packaged App
Best value

IngenID One™

Flexible Platform
Voice Biometric Function Set
Basic Basic to Full Complete
Deployment Options
Cloud only Limited Many options
Solution Configurations
None Limited Highly customizable
Integrated Voiceprint Database
Integrated Fraudster Databases
Synthetic Speech Detection
Issue Orchestration
Integrated Consent Management
GDPR User Rights Management
Free Trial of System
Fast, Friendly Support
Getting Started

60-Day Free Trial

The best way to experience with accuracy, flexibilty, and ease of use of the IngenID One™ Platform is to start with a Free Trial, hosted in our secure datacenter.

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    Contact Us

    Call us! Let's discuss your organization's needs and see if there's a good fit for IngenID's services.

  • 02
    Light Discovery

    Next we'll exchange a Mutual NDA so we can share sensitive information and perform some light discovery.

  • 03
    Provision Trial

    We'll custom configure an account in our hosting system, send you credentials, an API guide, and code samples to get you started.

Our Value

Why Choose IngenID?

We're an employee owned and operated consultancy and are unlike other voice biometric vendors. Many factors combine to make IngenID a winning choice!

State-of-the-Art Engine

We use the latest deep learning techniques, feature all common voice biometric functions, have deep fake detection, and more!

Unique SaaS Platform

Enterprise grade, highly available, scalable, and reliable. Plug-ins and adapters to many common communications platforms.


Our team has over 15 years of commercial voice biometrics experience, with many successful deployments in 40+ languages globally.

Security and Compliance

100% anonymous data model, dual-encrypted voiceprints and source audio, full data retention policies, PCI and GDPR compliance, and more.

Value Oriented

All the capabilities of larger voice biometric vendors, but with clearly understandable, fair, and reasonable pricing.

IngenID is Easy

Flexible platform, intuitive APIs, orchestration, free trials, no vendor lock-in, and white glove service. It's easy to do business with IngenID!

Do you have any questions?

We're here to help, so please get in touch with us.

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