About Us

We provide comprehensive voice biometrics solutions to many industries

About Us

About IngenID

Ingenuity + Identification = IngenID. Clients and partners in many different industries use our advanced Deep Learning algorithms to make sure they are dealing with their own end customers -- and not fraudsters. The IngenID One ™ Platform helps to validate millions of transactions each month!

Our Mission

We've set out to create the most comprehensive voice biometrics SaaS platform in the industry -- with clear and reasonable terms.

Our Values

Everything we do is guided by integrity, transparency, and our unwavering commitment to always act in the best interests of our clients.

Our Approach

We take a white glove approach for all clients, spending time to understand their unique needs, and configuring our solutions accordingly.

About Us

Brief History of IngenID

  1. June 2018
    Started Research Partnership

    Began sponsoring PhD projects at the University of Rochester.

  2. July 2020
    1st Gen DNN Engine Released

    Began Alpha testing with numerous prospects.

  3. May 2021
    IngenID LLC formed

    Successful Alpha testing, secured grants, leads to new company.

  4. June 2022
    Full Production Launch

    Our first clients begin in Production.

  5. January 2023
    IngenID One™ Platform Released

    Our next-gen, full-featured platform is released into Production.

About Us

Sampling of our Ecosystem

About Us


Peter Soufleris


Nick Bartolotti


Dr. Zhiyao Duan

Advisor - Speech Technology

Bijal Thakkar

Advisor - Strategy

Paul Tyndall

Advisor - Legal & Compliance